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The Full Story

Why We Care

We care about the freshness of your bread, we care about the quality of your bags, we care about their look as well. 

But above all, we care about the environment and the impact single use bags have on it. We are making progress. We now know how bad plastic bags are for the planet. Paper bags are much better but unfortunately, they remain highly disposable which is not sustainable. 

Owning a Bagstille is making a statement. It's saying NO to single use bags and saying YES to long lasting eco friendly sustainable practical AND beautiful bags! 

Why linen over cotton ? 

Firstly because linen as the property to absorb moisture, keeping your bread fresher for longer. 

Secondly because linen is 30% stronger than cotton.

Thirdly because linen comes from flax plants which use far less water to produce than cotton.  Far less pesticide are use to grow flax than cotton.

Fourthly because linen has a lower thread count and loose weave which is less likely to trap dust and particles, making linen naturally hypoallergenic.

Finally because linen will keep on looking and feeling amazing for years thanks to its durability.

Vive le lin!



By both of us growing up outside of NZ, we know how lucky we are in raising our children in such a beautiful country, & want to play a part

in keeping it that way.

Using your Bagstille at every opportunity where you'd usually use a single-use bag, is a way

we can all work together to do this.

Caring Families Aotearoa

We feel strongly about supporting amazing families who foster children & have supported such families in our neighbourhood & personally gained new family members who have been in foster care.

We are donating 50c for every Bagstille sold to

Caring Families Aoteroa.

To find out more about the brilliant work they do

&/or donate an additional amount, 

please click on their logo.

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