Bagstille was created on a summer afternoon, when Julie was sharing stories with Sarah about her childhood in the South of France. 


When Julie's grandma needed bread, she used to hang her bread bag (known as a sac à pain in France) on the gate in the evening containing one Franc.  Early next morning the delivery boy from their local boulangerie would swap the Franc for a baguette. 




The sac à pain made from linen was then hung in the kitchen, keeping the bread fresher for longer. 

Our Bagstilles are inspired by France & proudly made in NZ from beautiful 100% textured linen in a classic French design.

Making a sustainable product, is vitally important to Bagstille’s ethos of helping to reduce the need for any type of single-use bags.

As we both grew up outside of NZ, we know how lucky we are to be able to raise our families in such a beautiful country & want to play our part in keeping it that way.

Using your Bagstille at every opportunity where you would usually use a single-use bag, is a way we can all work together to do this.

We'd love your feedback & photos of your Bagstilles in their new homes, shopping at your favourite bakery, out & about on picnics or wherever they may venture!

Julie & Sarah

Sarah & Julie
Grandma & Julie in 1989


Linen's hydrophilic properties enable it to absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture, keeping your bread fresher for longer

Linen is more breathable & stronger than cotton

Linen comes from flax plants & needs far less water & pesticide than cotton to be produced

Linen has a lower thread count & loose weave which is less likely to trap dust & particles, making it naturally hypoallergenic

Linen will keep looking & feeling amazing for years to come



We feel strongly about supporting amazing families who foster children.  We have supported such families in our neighbourhood & personally gained new family members who have been in foster care.

We are donating 50c to Caring Families Aotearoa for every Bagstille sold.

To find out more about the brilliant work they do &/or donate an additional amount, 

please click on their logo above.